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Smash Mouth

Formed in late 1994, the band immediately begins recording demos and showcasing in both San Jose and Hollywood. In June of 1997, Smash Mouth is signed to Interscope Records when label brass catch wind of an unknown (and unsigned) band being ADDED to monumentally influential L.A. radio station KROQ’s playlist after only one spin of their song “Walkin’ On The Sun”.

Smash mouth’s major-label debut “Fush Yu Mang” goes more than DOUBLE PLATINUM and sets the table for what most consider their masterpiece; 1999’s brilliant follow-up album “Astrolounge”. Boasting three top-ten hits (All-Star...Then The Morning Comes...Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby), sales for “Astrolounge” nearly double those for “Fush Yu Mang”. Approaching nearly QUADRUPLE PLATINUM status.

Zach Goode Solo
Most of Zach's original material is used for his various band projects, but he often plays solo acoustic shows and has released one album of solo demos.




Informed by the classic songwriting of The Beatles, Bowie, ELO, and Elvis Costello, Goode formed The Secret Seven to help add the soundtrack to his quirky acoustic songs of lost love and nostalgic Cape Cod summers.

Best known for fusing elements of melodic hard rock, punk, and reggae to create a highly original sound that combines metal's aggressiveness with classic hooks and melodies, Divided by Zero was formed in 2002 in San Diego, California, USA.

Originally formed in 1989 in Kona, Hawaii, Ghoulspoon's unique blend of heavy riffs, introspective hip-hop rhymes, haunting reggae melodies and radio-ready hooks earned them a huge following in the 90's Southern California rock scene.

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