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Divided by Zero was an American rock band formed in 2002 in San Diego, California, USA.

Best known for fusing elements of melodic hard rock, punk, and reggae to create a highly original sound that combines metal's aggressiveness with classic hooks and melodies, Divided by Zero channel a number of styles into one concrete sound on their ambitious debut album, The Black Sea.

Divided by Zero formed in San Diego, California in 2002 from the remains of award-winning band Ghoulspoon, a group which had distinguished itself in the prolific San Diego music scene of the early 1990s that also included bands such as blink-182, P.O.D., Unwritten Law, Buck-O-Nine, Sprung Monkey, Drive Like Jehu, and Rocket From the Crypt. Carried over from the original Ghoulspoon lineup was Zachary Goode on vocals and Jeremy Ronstadt on guitar. Longtime Ghoulspoon members Rice bass and Jason Vick drums also stayed onboard, while guitarist Jason Cooper left and was replaced with former roadie, James "Spooky" Albers on guitar.

In 2003 the band released "The Separation ep", which was quickly nominated for Hard Rock Album of the year at The San Diego Music Awards. It established their sound of inventive, melodic hard rock and metal, alongside reggae undertones and moved away from Ghoulspoon's quirky rap sensibilities. Songs such as "Drowning not Waving," "Heavy Metal Parking Lot," and "Protection" would become favorites with local fans and would eventually be re-recorded for the band's full-length debut. The EP attracted the attention of Sik World Records, who signed the band to a recording contract and put them in the studio in December 2005 with Mikey Doling, former guitarist in Snot and Soulfly who produced Divided by Zero's debut album The Black Sea.

"The Black Sea has a poisonous atmosphere that prevents parasites from eating away at ancient shipwrecks; leaving them perfectly preserved on the ocean's floor. Using the shipwrecks as a metaphor for our lives as musicians, I see parallels between that and the music business," says Divided by Zero frontman Zach Goode about the concept behind the album's title. "Thousands of us are waiting to be discovered, trapped in lives of our own making. I began to connect the themes of our songs and explored topics of frustration, disappointment, lost love, alienation, and ultimately, hope and redemption."

After a haunting introduction, the album begins with the explosive "Ashes of Armies", a fierce meditation on the music industry. Songs like "Chemical" and "The World is not Mine" mix aggressive double bass and incendiary dual guitar work with melodic hooks and flourishes of sitars and keys. The set's centerpiece is the downtempo stunner "Helicopter" where the lyrics take a more hopeful turn and the song cycle ends with the nearly acoustic "Shame" which is a reminder not to be threatened by your fears.

After "The Black Sea" was released on June 6, 2006 to critical acclaim, the band spent much of the Summer on the "Sik World Rock n Roll Circus Tour" alongside Hell on Heels Burlesque Dance Troupe and Murrugun the Mystic, a sword swallower and illusionist. In September 2006, The album and band were nominated for the San Diego Music Awards and Divided by Zero returned to San Diego for several theme shows, including "Sik World's Dirty Pirate's Ball" and "Sik World's Zombie Prom".

Divided by Zero went on indefinite hiatus in 2007 and in 2008 Goode formed a new band with Albers and former members of the band Vocoder called The Secret Seven. Their debut album "Turn Your Back to the Sea" was released on July 24, 2010.

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