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Ghoulspoon was originally formed in 1989 in Kona, Hawaii by 4 high school friends and after a long winter living next to a pre-Nevermind Nirvana in Tacoma, the band found itself smack dab in the middle of the early 90's San Diego music explosion. After playing their first gig at the original Casbah location in 1991, the band quickly became a fan favorite among the all ages SOMA crowd at its original downtown location. While the national press focused its attention on signing shoegazing punk bands in its search for "The Next Seattle", Ghoulspoon's unique blend of heavy riffs, introspective hip-hop rhymes, haunting reggae melodies and radio-ready hooks earned them headlining slots alongside fellow up-and-comers like Sprung Monkey, Unwritten Law, P.O.D., Blink-182, Buck-O-Nine, Flatten Manhattan, Daddy Longleggs, and Honey Glaze.

Throughout the 90's, Ghoulspoon forged its own path and gained a reputation and following in the SoCal area through hard work and regional touring with the likes of Incubus, Korn, 311, Deftones, No Doubt, Sublime, Kid Rock, System of a Down, Static-X, Sugar Ray, Foo Fighters, The Cult, Snot, Kottonmouth Kings, Powerman 5000, and (hed) pe among many others. The band earned a huge fan base and many accolades including handfuls of San Diego Music Awards nominations and 1 win for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Band" in 2001.

Over its career, Ghoulspoon released several demos and 3 albums - “To Serve Man (1993)”, “Medication (1996)”, and “Fever (1999)”, selling over 10,000 units without the help of a manager, booking agent, or major record label. After going through years of lineup changes and enough scandal and debauchery to fill a two part VH1 Special, the band changed a few members and was reborn as Divided by Zero in 2002.

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