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Check out Zach's interview on Episode 17 of The Gala Show!

The Video Archives Podcast and Insertomatic present The Gala Show. Hosted by Gala Avary, guests are given thirty minutes on the mic to talk about whatever topic they want. 

On this episode of The Gala Show, Gala sits down with the lead singer of Smash Mouth, Zach Goode, to discuss how it feels to step into the limelight as the "new guy". Zach shares with Gala his road to Smash Mouth, the new and old guys in media that he loves, and some of Zach's favorite films — but first, a question about which movies he wants to show his sons.

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1 Comment

Jill Marie
Jill Marie
Feb 19

Zach, I am in the camp of loving the new guy of my favorite band! And this is coming from a HUGE Steve harwell fan. I listen to Smash Mouth all day everyday when I need a boost, and I call it a Zach Attack when your songs come on :)

Also, we love the same movies, Fast Times and The Goonies rock! So does Sideways. I will check out Harold and Maude, and the Dead Zone.

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