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Geezer "COVID Humour: SO Ten Months Ago" Weezer parody

Your grandpas have finally emerged from quarantine hibernation with a huge step backwards in the fight to convince the world that they're not a Weezer tribute band. Getting warmed up for public....WITH PEOPLE! Catch 'em while they're hot....and living.

Geezer has been blending rock, comedy, rap and barbershoppe to hilariously swing the entire history of popular music since 1910. San Diego City Beat Weekly called them "The world's greatest coverband." The hilarious grandpas have been an answer on NPR's Ask Me Another, appeared in a KIA advertisement with Weezer at the band's personal request, headlined Long Beach's sold-out first annual Littlepalooza festival for young grandkids and opened for Vanilla Ice, Coolio and Young MC in front of 6000 hip-hop fans for Magic 92.5FM at San Diego's Petco Park. One of the most unique acts of all-time, they're probably the only band on earth that has played dive bars, bar mitzvahs, retirement parties, comedy clubs, and festivals all over the west coast....then passed out cookies.

SPOILER ALERT: Island In The Sun, Beverly Hills, Say It Ain't So, Buddy Holly parody cover tribute medley #weezer #geezer #songparody

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