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Welcome to my new site!

I've finally gathered all of the info from my various bands, voice acting, and other work in one place!

I'm currently playing in about 5 active bands and keeping busy with voice acting work in LA.

I was recently fortunate enough be the voice of the new national Taco Bell ad campaign (thanks to Farin Hoover and everyone at Yessian Music West for the opportunity). So every time you hear TACOS! TACOS! coming from your tv or radio, yep that's me! That picture, however, is not me. That's the actor who lip synched to my voice.

I'm working with an ad agency to get more voice acting work in between music gigs. It's a kick to finally use my ROCK VOCAL POWER in a totally different way. Why not me?

I have lots of other projects on the horizon, new songs, and new videos, so click on the "Upcoming Events" page to stay in the loop.

Thanks for listening.

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